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Sailor Neptune wand (with a little Uranus in the bow’s heart). The colours look a little bit too Sailor Jupiter-y but they’ll do. :)Background is transparent.Please don’t re-post to other websites without asking permission or giving credit.

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sailor moon image …

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Sailor Neptune (#Michiru Kaiou #Sailor Neptune)

Sailor Neptune (#Michiru Kaiou #Sailor Neptune)

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Sailor Neptune. Omg Michiru looks sooo beautiful!!! TToTT

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Sailor Neptune ladies and gentlemen. This is my favorite line, it really tells you the depth of Michiru's feelings. She's willing to let the world be destroyed if it means Haruka would be saved. Under her demure appearance lies an unnerving love<< don't mind me while I fangirl.

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Hello, I'm Sailor Neptune(Michiru). I live in Japan and fight evil with my best friend, Sailor Uranus. When I am not a super hero I enjoy playing the violin. My girlfriend is Sailor Uranus. I am 17

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Princess Sailor Neptune by nads6969

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Sailor Neptune Intro, i have this picture, and I drew this picture, she was the first sailor I drew

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Sailor Neptune Crystal by on @DeviantArt

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She reminds me of an anime character I created Más

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6631591133234963659.jpg (419×1200)

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Tamashii Nations Figuarts Zero Sailor Moon Crystal Shopping Guide

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune Sailor Moon Crystal Tamashii Nations Figuarts Zero figures

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Michiru Kaiou by Sleepy-Moon on deviantART

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Sailor Neptune fan art by Crystal

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Sailor Moon Reimagined as Sirens of the Sea by Momo-Deary

GoBoiano - Sailor Moon Reimagined as Sirens of the Sea by Momo-Deary

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.eternal princess sailor neptune by on @DeviantArt

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sailor moon / art nouveau by sizh

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Sailor Neptune (#Michiru Kaiou #Sailor Neptune)

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