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Как не загустить посевы? Есть интересные идеи приспособлений?
Beautiful Edible Landscapes :: Permaculture Design in Southern Ontario
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Hibrit Hıyar (Salatalık) Tohumu (Erken Güz-Geç Bahar-Yaz) - Girdap F1
I want a stream much like this one to run adjacent to the office I want added on to the west side of the house.
Victory Garden for a family of five
15 очаровательных клумб, которые не сложно перепутать с разлитыми красками!
This is one of the most expansive and well design gardens you’ll ever see.
Chrysanthemums in the Mix

The Queen Mum

attache short pieces of hose or plastic tubing to the metal rake, counting the tines so that the hoses are spaced equally. As you drag the rake across the prepared soil, you have an instant planting grid and row markers.

How to Lay Out a Planting Bed