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by a hot Asian Man? And a kiss too. i think Pinned by Shendy Bravo Ramirez, Publicidad

@ heather keyzer there's a sexy Asian for you! P.s. go to sleep!

Magnus Bane- the sexiest Warlock on the world and in the universe! Magnus - Godfrey Gao Cassandra Clare - "The Mortal Instruments" Magnus Bane



Johnny Huang

Johnny Huang

Russell Wong...He has been sexy as long as I have known who he is.....

Russell Wong -movies: Romeo must die, dim sum funeral, the joy luck club.

Official Janice Man (文詠珊) & Angelababy Yeung (楊穎) Thread - Page 237 - soompi

Visit The Faceless Style ) Angela Yeung Wing (born February popularly known by her stage name Angelababy ,.

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Vegan men are awesome. It takes a radiant spirit to care about the weaker, the animals, the environment, the Life. Hot!!!

21 Gorgeous Asian Men Guaranteed To Make You Thirsty


The Ancient elven Empire was ruled with an iron fist. Anybody who was no elf was nought but a slave of the empire and treated as vermin