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What is Shiatsu?

How To Make the Golden Honey Mixture - The Strongest Known Natural Antibiotic

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Homemade Pine Needle Cough Syrup For Powerful Cough Relief! - What if you were to discover one of the most potent cough suppressant and anti-inflammatory compounds is found in your backyard?

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10 Great Pretend Games to Help Your Children Develop Preparedness Skills

Develop preparedness & survival skills in your children all the while having fun playing games!

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23 Medical Supplies Most People Overlook

If you're preparing for a long-term disaster where doctors and hospitals will be unavailable, you'll need more than just the basic medical supplies.

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Hygiene after SHTF

Hygiene after SHTF or a natural disaster will be important to maintain health and prevent the spread if illness and diseases.

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9 Methods for Hiding Your Survival Garden - Imagine this: the SHTF but you have your survival garden. One morning you go outside to harvest some corn, but you stop dead in your tracks. The backyard gate has been kicked open, half the garden has been destroyed, and all the fruits and veggies are gone.

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Everything you need to know about building a good bug out bag and how to create an emergency plan for your family.

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Homemade Penicillin To Survive When SHTF

If the SHTF, antibiotics will be scarce, which means many people could die from minor infections. Learn to make your own antibiotics. via @urbanalan

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Pedal-Powered Washer Needs No Electricity and Costs Only $40 …

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Knowing how to make your own gunpowder means that you can keep on shooting no matter how long it takes for society to be rebuilt.

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OVER THE COUNTER MEDICINES TO STOCKPILE: When there is no pharmacy, you can rely on these over-the-counter medications in the prepper's medicine cabinet!

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Survival Communication: 15 Hacks To Stay In Touch With Your Family When the World Goes Silent: (Prepper's Guid, Survival Guide, Survivalist, Safety, Urban ... Survival Skills Book) (Survival Books) by [Mason, Chad]

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During or after a major SHTF event there maybe no gas, no mechanics, no rental cars, etc... But a lot of abandoned vehicles whose owners are no longer with us or have abandoned them by choice. Under these circumstances hot wiring a vehicle maybe your only option if you must have transport.

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Urban Foraging: The Ultimate in Local Eating

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64 SHTF Medical Tips That Work - These 64 quick medical tips could get you by in a pinch and make you understand that they are actually a lot of remedies that can help pretty much ailments

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Camouflage and Concealment: The Art of Staying Hidden

In a post-SHTF world, you don't want to draw attention. To reduce your chances of being mugged, wear clothes that help you blend in. via @urbanalan

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10 Tips for Female Preppers

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20 of the Longest Lasting Foods that Will Keep You Well Fed Years After the SHTF - Freedom Prepper

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Maybe you're are just beginning to prepare for the future or perhaps you're a long term prepper and at the time of the SHTF event you lose your preparations.

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