A practical average quantity in one single system application will be 3 chatter bots in curtain area via Sigmund Freud's structural model of the psyche. | 某領域的單一系統應用中的實用平均數量為三個聊天機器人 via 佛洛伊德的精神結構模型 | Pinned Time: 20140908 19:26, Taipei Time | #Hypothesis #假說

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Sigmund Freud Id - Ego - Superego Pre- Conscious - Unconscious

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A comparison of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung thought.

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The only person with whom you have to compare yourself is you in the past ! Freud

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"How bold one gets when one is sure of being loved"

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Stages of Development according to Freud

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https://www.facebook.com/TheIDEAlistRevolution/photos/a.545133395520111.131122.212514318782022/1380278912005551/?type=3 More

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Cristóvão Colombo quando chegou a América, onde hoje é Cuba, encontrou índios fumando folhas de tabaco entrelaçadas. Alguns estudiosos acreditam ser esta a origem dos charutos, o tabaco já fazia parte da vida destes índios nos rituais, magia e festividades. Estes charutos eram chamados pelos índios

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Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, Freud. When a man is freed of religion, he has a better chance to live a normal and wholesome life.

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Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes.

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