"Well I’m stubborn and wrong, but at least I know it I keep movin’ along until I can get through this; But maybe this song is the best I can do it. [x]

Stephanie Brown- Spoiler, Robin, and Batgirl

Steph x3 - Marcio Takara

Stephanie Brown - Spoiler / Batgirl / Robin by Marcio Takara

Stephanie Brown's Legacy - http://galactickohipot.tumblr.com/post/76895751422/guess-who-is-back

The evolution of Stephanie Brown

Robin (Stephanie Brown) by Marcio Takara. He is quick on his way to being one of my favorite artists ever.

commission - Steph Brown Robin - colors by *marciotakara on deviantART Xx

corinnamariedrawsstuff: “Felt like drawing some more batkids again :D ”

Stephanie Brown and Damian Wayne Batkids

Spoiler: Stephanie Brown knows how to make a heck of an entrance. From BATMAN AND ROBIN ETERNAL #2. by dccomics

Spoiler: Stephanie Brown in Batman and Robin Eternal # 2 - Art by Jason Fabok, & Brad Anderson

Batgirl by Ratkins by *VPizarro626 on deviantART

Stephanie Brown Batgirl By Robert Atkins

Stephanie Brown is the Batgirl

Stephanie Brown waiting for Batman

Batgirl by Lee Garbett *

Stephanie Brown Batgirl by Lee Garbett

Stephanie Brown.

I think this is from Detective Comics. Reason why I love Stephanie Brown

Spoiler (Stephanie Brown) from DC.

Spoiler (Stephanie Brown) from DC. - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Doodleblog of Samantha Dodge — Bat Girl: Stephanie Brown Cassandra Cain ...

Batgirl by Samantha Dodge

Dead Robins Club. Spoiler, Red Hood, & Robin. Stephanie Brown, Jason Todd, & Damian Wayne.

The Dead Robin Club Stephanie Brown, Jason Todd, Damian Wayne Artist: JBadgr

Anyone who doesn't like purple dies!!!! Not really

Anyone who doesn't like purple dies!

Tim Drake (Red Robin) & Stephanie Brown (Batgirl) in Red Robin # 10 - Art by Marcus To, Ray McCarthy, & Guy Major

"Dear Tim, your girlfriend turned into a hard core NINJA while you were away- Stephanie Brown, Batgirl" ->Perfection

.Stephanie Brown dc comics - Twitter Search

Batman Eternal 22 - Cover by Jason Fabok