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Stone Sour -

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Stone Sour - Through The Glass

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-- #LyricArt for "Bother" by Stone Sour

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Born on December 8, 1973, Corey Taylor is the lead vocals for both Slipknot, a nu-metal/heavy metal band (formed in 1995), and Stone Sour, a Hard rock/alternative metal group (formed in 1992). A commonly known fact among Taylor fans, he was a member of Stone Sour before he was in Slipknot. Taylor d

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my soul keeps changing like the weather- the only constant is rain.

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Matthew Shadows, Avenged Sevenfold and Corey Taylor, Slipknot/Stone Sour.

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Imperfect- Stone Sour Submitted by:

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Through the Glass- Stone Sour

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Jack Asteroid, P.I. on

Corey Taylor confirms Zzyzx Rd is real

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stone sour bother-just a badass song

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Stone Sour - they're not much to look at (sorry, guys) but I love Corey Taylor's voice and Audio Secrecy is an excellent album. One of my favorite bands, currently.

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Say You'll Haunt Me by Stone Sour

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▶ Stone Sour - Through Glass [OFFICIAL VIDEO] - YouTube

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Corey Taylor from Stone Sour

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Corey Taylor Solo Acoustic Show: The Stone Pony | July 8, 2015 - Pop-Break

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Stone Sour create their best, and in parts heaviest, material yet, on their latest album, "House of Gold and Bones, Part 1," released via Roadrunner Records.

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Maybe I should just have a Corey Taylor board.....

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How to Mix an Amaretto Stone Sour Cocktail

Because it's my new favorite drink How to Mix an Amaretto Stone Sour Cocktail |

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Stone Sour lyrics

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Say You'll Haunt Me - Stone Sour

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Through Glass - Stone Sour

Through Glass - Stone Sour

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Stone Sour #hesitate

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