Supernatural fandom is taking over real life now, not just Tumblr and I'm happy to be part of it

Why don't things like this happen in my life? I want these things to happen in my life

Now when my lights flicker, I immediately want to put myself inside a salt circle...just in case..

Ok actually me, I was prepared to hate it and never watch the show again when my friend made me watch it with her. Then I became obsessed and was begging to watch the next episode

The King of Hell, a fallen Angel of the Lord and a Winchester walk into a bar.

The King of Hell, a fallen Angel of the Lord and a Winchester walk into a bar.<<<The Winchester is Sam because Dean died.

It wasn't a surprise and it never will be                                                                                                                                                                                 More

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Supernatural fandom

I didn't expect this to be about Supernatural… But nope, the Supernatural fandom has officially taken over the world!

There should be an episode where they kill Jesus and he goes, "oh man! Not again!"

It is honestly terrifying that in the SPN fandom if you read the phrase, "It killed Jesus," you don't automatically assume you read it wrong or its a typo, you wonder if you missed an episode.

Enjoy the best quotes / moments from Supernatural's episode 'LOTUS'. 'LOTUS' is the 8th episode of season twelve. (s12e08)

14 Best Supernatural Quotes from 'LOTUS' (12x08

The problem of being a Supernatural fan.

The problem of being a Supernatural fan.

I like the fact that the second time you would say I know, you would turn and directly, intensely stare at them just like Jensen has demonstrated for us.

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Chuck is so done with his kids - like counting to 3 is useless and he just accepts such behavior - Supernatural