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The other day it played at Woolworths and I totally freaked out and my mum just looked at me like I was insane. Which is not far from the truth to be honest 😂

I couldn't decide between my buffy or supernatural board so both!

23 "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" Jokes That Are Just To Die For

Harry Potter, Buffy Summers, Sam & Dean Winchester, Captain Jack Harkness I feel a doctor who cast shot would be better

The Many Thoughts of Castiel #Supernatural meme

The Many Thoughts of Castiel

The Many Thoughts of Castiel. How did milkshakes develop a gravitational pull that was gender specific?

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Funny pictures about Being tall rules. Oh, and cool pics about Being tall rules. Also, Being tall rules.

Okay, please someone tell me that's just not me

Sometimes when my mom turns on the vacuum the lights flicker, and just to make her laugh I scream: "SAM AND DEAN, SAVE MEEEE!

Okay, they need to cross over with either Buffy or Twilight. Either one would make me ECCTATIC.

I Need This Crossover To Happen

Could you imagine all the sass of Dean and Damon. Also, Supernatural can't cross over with The Vampire Diaries because then we'd all have to endure Stefan and Damon coming to Dean's shoulder and Sam's elbow.

Wedding by froskeIlone on DeviantArt

Dean faces is so funny in the fifth frame And Sam looks so lost, and cute Wedding

so true..i had a pentacle necklace and someone said, um do you know thats bitch fuck you.

The problem of being a Supernatural fan.