Cool Digital Art by Daryl Mandryk-i love how every piece is the perfect amount of dramatic. And his take on Tarzan. :)

return of tarzan digital painting fan art illustration created by digital artist daryl mandrik

untitl18.0.jpg 351 × 829 pixels                                                                                                                                                      More

351 × 829 pixels More Notes: Body proportions/stature for Tarzan should be highlighted in what he wears.

Or in the sea itself! | Which Disney Kiss Are You This Valentines Day?

Which Disney Kiss Are You This Valentines Day?

Day favorite kiss: Tarzan and Jane. She like completely gives up her way of life did this kiss!

Tarzan and Jane                                                       …


Tarzan and I've pinned this image before and likely will again. The way that Tarzan looks at Jane is one of the hottest things Disney has put in their movies.

Tarzan- the most HILARIOUS saying ever!!!!! LOL

Just meeting him the first time she knew how to draw him perfectly<~~ Can we appreciate the older guy for just a minute! Lol I loved him!

*TARZAN & KALA ~ Tarzan, 1999

In Life of Pi, Orange Juice protects the innocence on the boat which is Pi. She protects him much like Kala protected Tarzan. She did this even though Pi was not her own, it was her motherly instinct