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Cress: "AND ANOTHER THING CARSWELL FREAKIN THORNE-" Thorne: "Cress can you get down now please?" Wolf and Cress: *stares menacingly down at him* Thorne: "Pretty please with a cherry on top?" Cress: *continues to stare at him* Thorne: I'll give you a kiss? Cress: "CARSWELL THORNE YOU SHOULD BE BEGGING FOR KISSES! I REFUSE TO GET DOWN AND YOU KNOW I'M RIGHT SO SHUT UP....."


Cress and Thorne for the Snowy Day theme of their shipweek! I feel like Cress is one of those people who wears skirts no matter what temperature it is, and she will point out all the things she loves about the snowy landscape, which is everything....


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