Tom Selleck is such a Class Act. He is a nice person and superb actor. And God in heaven he is the best looking man I know of. I use to think Sean Connery was but he has some competition.

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Tom Selleck: His moustache is not just a moustache, it’s a face ornament. Magnum PI wouldn't have been the same without this iconic moustache.

Love this one!

Tom Selleck was "Thomas Magnum" in the tv series "Magnum PI"

Tom Selleck - Frank Reagan - Blue Bloods - handsome as ever :) O & Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, Tom Selleck! (Plus nine other TV hotties over 55)

Butch Tom Selleck - Frank Reagan - Blue Bloods - handsome as ever :) O & Happy Birthday!

tom selleck

Tom Selleck was Bonita's favorite actor. She loved Blue Bloods!

Tom Selleck & Sam Elliot <3  Is there anything else to say........................Two of the greatest looking stashes

Tom Selleck & Sam Elliot, sexy as all get out!

Tom Selleck  aka Magnum P.I. Thanks Thomas for a lot of really great fantasies

Tom Selleck aka Magnum P. Back in the days when hairy chest were sexy!

Tom Selleck sets the record straight about him and Indiana Jones

Tom Selleck sets the record straight about him and Indiana Jones

Magnum P. - The moustache. The Hawaiian shirts. The chest hair. That description could be none other than Tom Selleck playing Magnum P. (of course, minus the Hawaiian shirt that could also just be a description of Tom Selleck in the Selleck p

Tom Selleck - Good golly Miss Molly! I do not smoke nor do I believe in it at all. However, Tom looks mighty fine in this cigarette ad.

tom selleck salem ad - this is when i first noticed noticing !

Tom Selleck...this is for my Grandma who every Christmas asked for Tom as a gift!

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Oh you know he had to be on this board! Tom Selleck, you are and have always been one handsome man!

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Tom Selleck: Magnum, P.Quigley Down Under (Matthew Quigley).Three Men and a Baby & Three Men and a Little Lady (Peter Mitchell).The Rockford Files (Lance White).


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Tom Selleck, Magnum PI and is mustache

When a baby-faced Justin Timberlake declared he was bringing sexy back, people in the know worldwide scoffed in unison, secure in the knowledge that sexy never left. It was there the whole time quietly residing in Tom Selleck’s mustache.

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Movemeber: Dali, Selleck and Other Influential Mustaches In History

Tom Selleck ... yes, please!

Tom Selleck biography, pictures, credits,quotes and more. His parents are Robert and Martha Selleck. His father was born in Slov.

Tom Selleck - would like to see him more like this/and stop dying his hair. Looks even more rugged and dangerous as he ages.

Tom Selleck, Handsome and Scruffy Gray Haired Man.

Tom Selleck, male actor, eye candy, moustache, celeb, portrait, photo

Tom Selleck - So handsome.

Tom Selleck - such a classic cowboy! #Cowboy #Actor #Western

Tom Selleck seems to be a good man who loves his wife and is faithful to her. Beauty is only skin deep but Tom has it down deep too. Jillie Selleck is a blessed woman!