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Last page of Anne Frank’s diary, August 1, 1944 “Eventually I’ll turn my heart around again, turn the bad to the outside and the good to the inside and search thus for a way to become as I so badly want to be and as I could be, if…. if there weren’t any other people living in the world.”

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Battle of the Bulge: Rare Photos From Hitler's Last Gamble

Operation Greif involved English-speaking German soldiers wearing captured Allied uniforms and vehicles as spies contrary to the Hague Convention rules of war to cause confusion in the rear of the Allied lines during the Battle of the Bulge. This is a spy blindfolded without his glasses after his execution in December 1944.


Dachau Survivors - Crematorium Survivors of the Dachau concentration camp demonstrate the operation of the crematorium by pushing a corpse into one of the ovens. Dachau, Germany, April 29-May 10, 1945.


Nazi Toplama Kamplarından 8 Resim Ve Onların Hikayeleri

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The story of Anne Frank: Preparing to go into hiding

It is raining on the house of Anne Frank and on the tourists herded together under the shadow of their umbrellas, on the perfectly silent tourists who would rather be somewhere else but who wait here on stairs so steep they must rise to some occasion high in the empty loft, in the quaint toilet, in the skeleton of a kitchen or on the map— each of its arrows a barb of wire— with all the dates, the expulsions, the forbidding shapes of continents. And across Amsterdam it is raining on the Van…


Cobra. #VietnamWarMemories...Cobra lighting up something with the minigun.

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Nazi who arrested Anne Frank 'became a spy for West Germany'

The Gestapo officer who arrested the Holocaust victim Anne Frank was one of hundreds of Nazi henchmen who were later recruited by West German intelligence after the Second World War and worked for the organisation for years, a new book has revealed. I am not given to violence but I really could batter this man. Sick, sick, sick.