Give it up for our amazing and oh-so-popular Serving Center®! What do you put in yours?
7 So Good Power Chef Smoothies from http://blog.tupperware.com/recipes/7-so-good-power-chef-smoothies/
Pour over bread and let sit for 5 minutes to soak up
A simple way to chic? Yes! Try these Easy Poached Eggs at your next brunch party. Www.my.tupperware.com/crystalmason
Baked potatoes
Vent veggies (and fruits!) in FridgeSmart® Containers so they’ll last longer. You’ll save $$ on your grocery bill and might just eat a little better too.
Many ways to use the Tupperware Breakfast Maker!   http://katiegregg22.mytupperware.com/
Great Gift Idea!!!  Shakin & Bakin Foodie Blog: Tupperware - Sand Art Brownies Gift Mix Project And Recipe.  Contact me to book your online party or simply place an order
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