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progression of a reef tank.

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Clownfish ID (coralmagazine July/August 2010) - Fish - Gallery - Forums

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Maintaining proper reef tank parameters is essential to the health and well-being of fish, coral and invertebrate inside your aquarium. We created this chart so you will always know what the ideal conditions are for your wet pets. Use it while performing water tests so you will know how much supplement you need to dose your tank with.

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Saltwater Sump Diagram |

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Fact About The Cleaner Shrimp…An outstanding choice for the home saltwater aquarium.The most commonly offered ornamental shrimp in the saltwater tank industry are the scarlet cleaner shrimp or the northern cleaner shrimp, and the coral banded shrimp. They are omnivorous shrimp species, which means they will scavenge and eat parasites and dead tissue but in this article I will only mention about the Scarlet cleaner shrimp...(continue reading please click the above link)

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Shallow Illuminated - Nano Reefs - Gallery - Forums

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CF033 - Red Cobra Guppy

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love this live rock insert.

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