Little Known Disney Fact: orginaly Lady and The Tramp was going to be called just "Lady" (here we have an early story book for the movie).

Vintage "Lady" Walt Disney Lady and the Tramp Whitman Tell-a-Tale Collectible Dogs Baby 1954

"Most clients are neither beautiful princesses nor ugly stepsisters — they just need some polishing before they’re ready for the ball." -Katherine Kotaw,

Glass Slippers and Hiking Boots: What Our Branding Footprints Reveal

In the '50s and '60s, Disneyland promoted special "Date Nites." So if you recently went steady or got pinned, this was the place to be.

Disneyland's "Date Nite" Of The '50s Will Make You Wish You Had A Time Machine

In the and Disneyland promoted special "Date nights. Still love date night at Disneyland.

Modern vintage Disney poster by Tom Whalen (from Vintage Me Oh My, via Momentitus) #TomWhalen #disney

Where to Find Vintage-Style Disney Travel Posters

"Modern vintage" Disney poster - by Tom Whalen my personal favorite elephant

Vintage Disney movie poster Mary Poppins by MINIMALISTPRINTS

Vintage Disney movie poster - Mary Poppins Poster size: 11 inches x 17 inches - Printed on high quality, weather resistant, texture card

vintage peter pan images | Peter Pan Vintage Art, Classic Image

Vintage Poster of Peter Pan, 1953 - .Always gonna be my favorite. We "played" Peter Pan constantly for a very long time!

Vintage Walt Disney sign. THIS is what Tink looks like!

Big fan of the old "Walt Disney Presents the Wonderful World of Color" film reels

Vintage Disney Collector's Poster 12x18 Disneyland Opening Ceremony 1955 | eBay

Vintage disney collector's poster 12x18 - disneyland - opening ceremony 1955