12 reason why you should never own whippets.  Yup!

Italian Greyhound, I had one named Chloe looked just like this one. I named my Leopard Turtle after her, in her memory.

Shelter or rescue is the best breed in the world.  Please always adopt from shelters and rescue groups.  Never shop.  You'll be saving a life.  Please spay or neuter your pets and micro chip them too.  In a perfect world shelters wouldn't have any abandoned pets in them.  Please be a responsible pet owner. Remember, When you adopt it's a lifetime commitment.

Lovely image for a Greyhound, or possibly a Whippet lovingly waiting for their owner to come home

This is your morning wakeup call!

This is your morning wakeup call! Greyhound are wonderfully playful and make fantastic pets.

Oh my goodness!!!  This is exactly picture when I imagine my two future whippets.

Whippets I LOVE THEM and italian greyhounds! and regular greyhounds! and all puppies!

The perfect Whippet Puppy photo from a friend of mine. Too much cuteness!

"The perfect Whippet Puppy photo from a friend of mine. Too much cuteness!" Omg I want a puppy-pile.

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The original Whippets were thought to be English Greyhounds that were too small for stag hunting in the forests of England.

Mom, you coming to bed?!  This reminds me of my grandchildren Seamus and

Mom, you coming to bed? So typical of Italian Greyhounds and Whippets! Cutest dogs in the world!

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