2x02 Everybody Loves A Clown & 1x12 - The Winchester boys under stress - biting their nails.>>>>aweeeee

LOL. Look at this

Winchester brothers!!! lol loved this! Man I love this show!

Halloween. Level: Winchester

Supernatural - I think you have had enough - This scene, man.You can practically see Jared trying to hold it together. It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester

Bahahahaha Winchester boys on the hunt

Winchesters hunting Twilight, I didn't initially see them in the background and that made it so much better!

I'm just going to assumes the Supernatural costuming department did a one stop shopping trip here to pick out the boy's wardrobes.

Supernatural ~ Plaid wonderland - Getting ready for the anniversary of this show. Will be wearing plaid this coming fall.

The Winchester boys <3

Fan made: Castiel meeting John Winchester. This is hilarious - Fangirl - Supernatural

Summary of the Winchester boys and their  relationship with Bobby… from 3x08 A Very Supernatural Christmas

"Summary of: the Winchester's relationship with bobby." haha, so true. "A very supernatural Christmas"