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Derisini değiştirmeyen yılanlar ölmeye mahkumdur. Bu durum fikirlerini değiştirmeyen zihinler için de geçerlidir. / Friedrich Nietzsche

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Blue Pit Viper

This is my favorite animal skin because of the color and scales. It reminds me of water. It's scary but so pretty.

Number: 2 I hate snakes! They are very slimy, squirmy and overall disgusting. One time at my cottage in grand Bend I was walking with my family for a walk and I ran up ahead because I wanted to race my sister back to my cottage and I stepped on a snake! it scared me so much, I screamed so loud!

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Daily Inspiration Photos #2

jen est un comme sa et il me donne don sque jai besoin pour un certain rituel


poisonous snake chart. Good to know. #provestra