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A very clear and helpful overview of the different types of joints and their locations. The 6 Types of Joints - Human Anatomy for Artists by Proko


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Prenatal bakım ve yoga terapi uygulamalarını birleştiren mükemmel bir rehber. Bu kitapta hamileliğin anatomisi ve fizyolojisi, doğum süreci, komplikasyonlar, değişimler, dikkat edilmesi gerekenler, beslenme, stres yönetimi gibi prenatal bakımda bilinmesi gerekenler anlatılmaktadır.

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4 Easy Stretches to Help Keep Your Lower Back Healthy

4 Easy Stretches to Help Keep Your Lower Back Healthy — Over Fifty and Fit


Anyone can have a strong upper body, but unless they build some decent traps, their physique isn’t complete. Having big traps will make your shoulders, neck, and back all look much bigger.  Having strong, thick traps are what really separates the beginners from the elite. Unfortunately, many guys don’t put enough time into building their traps. This is because they