chobani muslim billionaire American Muslim billionaire: ‘Hire MORE Muslim refugees’ - See more at: How about we boycott his product instead!

Hephaistos, babası Zeus'un isteği üzerine çamurla suyu yoğurdu. Ve Görenleri şaşırtacak güzellikte bir kadın vücudu yarattı.

Adam Lanza - clumsy 20 year old autistic kid...Do you believe the "official" story?

I'm going to 8th grade NXT school yr and totally agree. I really dot ever want to be put in that situation plz prevent it!

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Appalling. And this is what is now referred to as 'education...'Brainwashing in schools is going to take its toll. Will your children turn YOU IN? Will the government consider you a waste of money & deny you extra tests or needed operations? Euthanasia is in ObamaCare. Sterilization is in ObamaCare.Who is to decide? Dems swear they won't stop until they get our guns. If you're not scared you're HOPELESS!

**** 13 year-old Cody Alicea was told by school officials he couldn't fly an American flag on his bike - "Not so fast," said his whole community! - Watch what happens when a single American child is told to put his flag away because it may offend others - AWESOME! - THIS is what true patriotism looks like - Honor the flag, honor your country! - MUST WATCH VIDEO -----

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Hillary Blabbed Murdered Ambassador's Stevens Movements In Emails.

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Louisiana Republican: When I Voted for State Funds to go to Religious Schools, I Didn’t Mean Muslim Ones - wow. just wow.

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