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Fahr's disease: CT-scan shows bilateral basal ganglia calcifications with bilateral subcortical white matter calcifications, compatible with Fahr's disease (familial cerebral ferrocalcinosis).

Fahr's disease is usually initially asymptomatic in most patients. However, various neurological symptoms may develop later in life, such as psychosis, dementia & movement disorders (parkinsonism). The differential diagnosis of basal ganglia calc.

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"Illustrator Kelsey Niziolek says she “holds a special love in her (he)art for science, health, and medical related topics.” Her series titled, Body Oddities, is the result of a research project on the human body and its bizarre facts.

Por Dr. Gabriel Camacho* La Noesiterapia, o curación por el pensamiento (Noesi, significa pensamiento), fue inventada y desarrollada por el Dr. Ángel Escudero, médico cirujano español…

Food and Drug Administration said in a statement that the drug had been shown to reduce the rate of cardiovascular death and hospitalization related to heart failure, and could help patients live longer and enjoy more active lives.

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The Doctor has gained many friends, lost many friends, and earned thousands of enemies within the past year. However, there is a new danger. a new danger the Doctor will never see coming. THE WRATH OF THE TIME LORDS. {comment to join}