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a cross stitched letter with flowers on it and the letters a - z are in purple
a piece of cloth with green and white designs on it sitting on a pink surface
Conjunto toalha lavabo e Rosto Bordado Indiano feito a mão | Elo7
a close up of a piece of cloth with a tag on it
Toalha de lavabo bordado Indiano feito a mão | Elo7
a cross stitch alphabet with train cars and letters
Etamin Tablo Şemaları - Mimuu.com
two pictures side by side, one with pink flowers and the other with green leaves
İşlemelik Hazır Seccade - 130 x 80 cm
two cross stitch pictures with different designs on them, one is pink and the other is blue
10+ Exhilarating Designing Your Own Cross Stitch Embroidery Patterns Ideas - Stickerei Ideen
a cross stitch pattern of a red tractor with yellow wheels and two large tires on the front
etamin-traktor-ornegi - Nazarca.com
the kitchen towel is next to a pot holder
a cross - stitch pattern on a white shirt with a red pot and pan next to it
a cross stitch pattern with purple and blue items hanging from a line on a white background
the towel is laying on top of the bed with animals and fish embroidered on it