I think this works because its all busy (vs just a busy duvet cover, for example) and because everything is pulled in close together so your eyes don't have a chance to wonder off or get bored

Blue White decor in a bright emerald green room -- Callisto Home - St. Martin Bed Linens - hand-sewn hand-embroidered bed linens showcase airy intricate applique work in cream navy. Made of linen navy rayon velvet by Callisto Home.

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Colors, bedding, design Callisto Home "Bar Harbor" Bed Linens - Horchow

Bespoke bed linens by Léron. Roma bed linens from the Archaeology collection.

Hand embroidered bed linens by Léron. View all of our custom hand embroidered sheets and contact us to find out more.

Dip-Dyed Decor : Dip-dyed decor and Summer were a match made in heaven in 2012. The organic, color-saturated look of dip-dyed pieces easily made a room light and airy. Best part? This trend is tailor-made for the DIY-inclined.

Dip-Dyed Decor

Pacific Duvet Cover Set - Contemporary and modern bedding is offered in comforter sets and duvet cover sets in a crisp, clean contemporary and modern look. These bedding sets designed for todays home will add a great look.

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