Nicholas Riley Iznik Tile   Price: £80.00

This vibrant Iznik design is another wonderful tile from our volunteer Nicholas Riley.

Cornice, Moldings, Licence Plates, Twine, Mirror, Texture, Porcelain, Drinkware, Tiling

Siyah deri çerçevede Rumi çini HLF 011

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Tile, about 1575-1600, Turkish (Iznik), Glazed pottery, 21.5 x 25 cm

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Tile about Turkish (Iznik) Glazed pottery, x 25 cm Genre: Islamic Art, Decorative Arts Location: Spanish Cloister


Iznik çinisi - Iznik pottery is named after a town in western Anatolia and was produced between the and centuries.


Islamic Tiles, Islamic Motifs, Islamic Art, Turkish Tiles, Turkish Art, Ceramics, Comic Book, Turkish Pattern, Pottery Designs

Sema Akgül Özdemir,  çini ayna

Sema Akgül Özdemir, çini ayna