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a drawing of a jacket with an attached hood
the front and back view of an unlined jacket with pockets on both sides,
a drawing of a blouse with tied up sleeves
a women's dress with pleaed sleeves
a drawing of a tiered skirt
the front and back views of a dress with ruffles on the shoulders, as well
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two women's dresses are shown in black and white, one is drawn on paper
Ghim của Phạm Huệ trên bản vẽ thiết kế thời trang | Thời trang, Nghệ thuật thời trang, Trang phục nữ
Flats, Tulle, Dress Drawing, Robe, Kids Dress, Sketches Dresses
the front and back view of a women's dress, with an attached belt
GRASSER Лекала. Выкройки. Курсы кройки и шитья | ВКонтакте
the front and back view of a dress with long sleeves, pleating at the waist
How to Shirr Fabric - Free Sewing Pattern