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Not sure if essay makes sense...or I'm starting to believe my own bullshit. Oh, the perks of being an English major! Having the ability to bullshit anything and everything!

Not taking life too seriously essay The Importance Of Not Taking Life Too Seriously Taking Imagination Seriously Seandey L. Bowe July 2015 Veronica Van Ry Taking Imagination.

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Edgar Allen Poe wasn't friken dumbass who ran around screaming, "I f***ing love ravens!" Maybe thats what the friken cartoonist would do because obivously they're illiterate and don't understand poetry.

Literary Humor

January 1809 - October was an American author, poet, editor, and literary critic. He was also an afficionado of opium and laudanum / Pictures From History.


I'd go to a freaking Barnes and Noble during the purge. I'd take EVERY book in that place 😍

Or had to memorize it...

It took me a second to get the joke, but then I couldn't stop laughing.embrace your inner literary geek.