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Ezgi Gizem Çamalan
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How Marvel smuggled Doctor Who into the Avengers. Not sure if it's real as I don't read the comic books. But still fun to think about it! <----- if I worked at Marvel that would be me: sneaking characters from other fandoms into the background

The Doctor is real, people. This is a 7000 year old cave painting...of the TARDIS. Click through for a close-up.

The Doctor is real, people. This is a 7000 year old cave painting.of the TARDIS. Click through for a close-up.

This website gives proof that the Doctor exists! Finally!!!!! Glad I'm not the only one who believes in the Doctor! :)

First, the pic of 11 with the Beatles, now Captain Jack Harkness in a real WWII photo. So now we're waiting for a photo of on the Titanic, right?--lol this picture is from Torchwood

Doctor Who funnies.

It's because prime numbers can be intimidating. <-- SEVEN ATE NINE I didn't know I needed this until now. Also, gold star to the person who added the Supernatural reference.

The Doctor is real.

"Found this while doing a school project a while back. There was nothing else written on the stone." There's starting to be so many signs the Doctor is real I'm going crazy.<--- This is so scary and SO awesome!

“Eat, Sleep, Who” Doctor Who T-Shirt | Men's, Women's, and Kid's Sizes from Boots Tees.

This funny Doctor Who T-Shirt with Eat, Sleep and "Travel through space and time" icons was made with Whovian fans in mind. Put on this sci-fi geek tee and show your love for the Doctor(s). It makes a great gift for sci fi fans and lovers of geek TV.

I heard about this in art class! Awesome!

As an artist I was ecstatic about there being a New Van Gogh painting, and I tried my best to just view the art and not see the Tardis.But my fangirl side was flipping out. More proof that the Doctor is real?