All FAB products contain a botanical range of ingrediants that work together to feed and renourish the skin.
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Many of the FAB products contain licorice root; a plant with antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and expectorant properties. With the ability to treat or prevent colds, bronchitis, ulcers, eczema and cancer; licorice root is a natural must in FAB products.

Today's Ingredient Spotlight is Licorice Root Extract ! This natural plant can be found in a variety of forms from herbal.

This feverfew, along with licorice root and white tea, work together to create an anti-oxidant booster, combating free radicals.

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Don't miss out on the launch of our new FAB product; Aloe Plus! With its blend of natural anti-irritants, this soothing gel works to immediately calm and comfort sunburned or irritated skin. Out in June.

aloe vera - perfect for sunburnt skin - can be used straight from the plant!

Witch Hazel works within FAB products such as the Detox Eye Roller to tone and soothe the skin.

Witch hazel has numerous benefits and uses for those seeking safe & natural treatments. Here are 25 witch hazel uses for a whole variety of common ailments!

Acai works within our FAB products to combat free radicals.

Acai Berry Nutritional Properties

Every FAB product is its own cocktail concoction, designed for all skin types.

Every FAB product is its own cocktail concoction, designed for all skin types.