And these pillows! SILAÏ: contemporary embroidery

SILAÏ: contemporary embroidery Charlotte Lancelot for GAN celebrates the beauty of the age-old art of the handmade

Stitch carpets and cushions. SILAÏ means “stitch” in the Indian language and represents a reinterpretation of petit point embroidery.

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f0ef3b942cb12571948534fb4b7bbb5a.jpg (720×960)

Brilliant design by Jacqui Pearce at I made one in a different colourway.

Rainbow Camper Van Stripe Contemporary Wool Cross by jacquipearce,

I love English Liquorice Allsorts... this is a kit for "counted tapestry" cushion at Folksy

I love English Liquorice Allsorts. this is a kit for "counted tapestry" cushion at Folksy. Inspiration for tapestry crochet.

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