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It was Terry and Mickey’s dream to build a home on land they owned behind their house near Greenwich in South East London, so when they saw an episode of Grand Designs featuring a Facit Home the penny dropped. This is what they had been waiting for.
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A picture of the corner of the balcony in a black timber clad home. The timber on the inside of the balustrade is a lighter timber and the decking is lighter still. Balcony Balustrade Privacy, Home On Land, Balcony Balustrade, Types Of Timber, To Build A Home, House Balcony, Cladding Materials, Build A Home, Extension Ideas
Print House | Balcony
The balustrades for the subtle balcony at Print House provide privacy from the nearby public park. At first sight, the balcony is not immediately obvious from the garden. ⁠⁠ The contrasting timber cladding is only visible from within the balcony itself. Connected to the first floor studio, this space is a glorious treetop spot for sunny day.
Photo of the edge of a window and two contrasting timber cladding materials. Van Aesthetic, Rain Screen, Lime Trees, Vans Aesthetic, Jack Green, Dark Stain
Print House | Timber cladding
Chevron stained timber contrasts with the vertical boarding to the left of this image. Situated under two lime trees, the exterior is clad in a timber rain screen. The dark stain reduces the visual impact of the building from the park and the rain screen reduces the need for ongoing cleaning caused by the dark coloured sap released from the trees.
Photo of the exterior of a house with large windows and a slightly covered front door. Timber Cladding, Grand Designs, South London, House Entrance, East London, House Exterior
Print House | Entrance
Stained timber is a cladding choice for many of our customers. Print House showcases the directional design effect of timber cladding boards in the two elements (or wings) of this home. The different cladding treatment defines those forms. ⁠⁠Spot the intelligently designed overhang in front of the door.
Image of timber home with light timber panelling between windows on the first floor and between sliding doors on the ground floor. Potted plants and greenery all around. Pebble Dash, London Real Estate, Timber Home, Build Projects, London Living, Sims Ideas
Print House
Winner of the BuildIt Awards in 2016, this beautiful contrasting timber home is one of our favourite self build projects
Picture of a black timber home with two storeys and a view out towards a garden with steps up to the next level. Large trees are reflected in the windows of the house. Façades, Garden Print, Facades
Garden | Print House
You might not expect to find a oasis like this in South London. The individually designed garden and home make the most of the surrounding trees and foliage, with large windows that connect the outside to the inside of this beautiful contemporary property.
A picture of a dining table through a large window. It shows a highly glazed corner of windows allowing views of the garden from the dining table. Multi Level Garden, Level Garden, Glazed Windows, Dining Space
Print House | Dining
Natural light floods this relaxed dining space thanks to the large windows, designed to create a corner for entertaining with views of the greenery in the multi level garden beyond the super insulated wall and triple glazed windows.
a car is parked in front of a black house
Facit Homes | The Modern House A to Z of modern design
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Bed opposite a large window and built in wardrobes. House Bedroom, Home Bedroom, Penny
Print House | Bedroom
the bathroom is clean and ready for us to use
Print House | Bathroom & Hallway
a woman sitting at a desk in front of a window
Print House | First floor office
a metal pipe attached to the side of a black wall next to an open window
Print House | Woodburner flue
a black house in the woods with trees around it and an open window on the side
Print House | Exterior cladding
an artist's rendering of a black house in the woods with wood shutters
Print House | London
a dining room table and chairs with sliding glass doors
Print House | Dining
two black houses with large windows and brick walkway
Print House | Entrance