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Georges-Jules-Victor CLAIRIN : The Sultans Favorites

The Sultans Favorites Georges Jules Victor Clairin was a French Oriental painter and illustrator. He was influenced by oriental painting and Moorish architecture and visited North Africa many times, in particular Morocco and Egypt.

Giovanni Costa (Italian, 1833-1893)  – Jeune femme turque à l’éventail

Portrait of Oriental Woman I

A young Turkish lady, dressed to go visit friends. Late-Ottoman urban style, circa Painting by Giovanni Costa (Italian artist,

Jean-François Portaels 1818 - 1895 | Belgian orientalist painter

Alexey Shalaev / Алексей Шалаев, 1966

Jean-François Portaels April 1818 - 8 February was a Belgian orientalist painter and director of the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts in Brussels. In 1849 he married the daughter of his first.

Constant Joseph Brochart (1816-1889/1899), Portrait d'Aïcha. L'une des femmes d'Abd el Kader   Crédit photographique : (C) Musée La Piscine (Roubaix), Dist. RMN-Grand Palais / Arnaud Loubry

The Athenaeum - Portrait d'Aïcha (Constant Joseph Brochart - )

beautifuldavinci:  Frederick Arthur Bridgman (1847 –1928) was an American artist known for his paintings of “Orientalist” subjects. Born in ...

Soir/ Summer Evening Frederick Arthur Bridgeman Another Orientalist painting. Odalisque was sexual slave in The Ottoman palace. Especially the young girls was raised for sex and entertainment.