The Tryst - Jean-Leon Gerome Gerome was a French painter, sculptor and a teacher. His style is also known as Academicism

Jean_Léon_Gérôme_-_The_Tryst_(interior).jpg Algrian woman from Algiers

Jewish Berber Woman, Atlas Mountains Region, 1930

Black and white portraits of Imazighen (Berber) women. The Imazighen are an indigenous African ethnic group of North Africa, most of whom live in Algeria and Morocco. The word Imazighen is said to.

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A noble lady in the Ottoman era enjoying the fresh air outside her mansion. Francois Martin Kavel (French artist, 1861-1931)

Cross Stitch patterns and kits - Orientale Aux Perles - Solid colors, Francois Martin-Kavel

Harem Dancers Stephan Sedlacek - German ,1868-1936 Oil on canvas , 78.74 x 58.42 cm

Harem interior with dancing women. Stephan Sedlacek Oil on canvas. Sedlacek was a history and genre painter, depicting aristocratic people in courtly environments as well as oriental.

Rudolf Ernst - Reading

' Reading' by Rudolf Ernst The Shafik Gabr Collection, Selected Paintings

Turkish ☪

Ramzi Taskiran is a prominent Turkish artist who was born in Adiyaman in His artworks are influenced by the landscapes and people of Istanbul

Traveling through history of Art...Portrait of a Lady of the Court Playing the Tambourine, detail, by Pierre Désiré Guillemet, 1870-1875.

Pierre Désiré Guillemet, Portrait of a Lady of the Court Playing the Tambourine (Detail), Century. I can almost feel the thread texture of the embroidery

Kamil Aslanger Gallery - 16th, 17th, 18th Century Ottoman Empire

Turkish women of the household of Fatih Sultan Mehmet also known as 'sultan the magnificent' - Ottoman era. By Turkish painter Kamil Aslinger.

The House of Radwan Bey - Cairo, 1875 by Frank Dillon

The House of Radwan Bey - Cairo - 1875 BY Frank Dillon (British ,

by kamil aslanger

by kamil aslanger. Ladies and the pearl necklace.

Harem girl

Refreshments in the harem - Emile Eisman-Semenowsky (French-Polish)