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Shabby Chic

What a lovely collection of quilted patchwork pillow shams~Love the lace scattered around with the flower print and soft greens~❥ Perfect for a cottage!

DSCF4021 Granny Square blanket

- very nice mix of a variety of squares, photo quality not to good and website is in French - so guess it's inspirational!

Ravelry: AnnabelsArmoire's Annabel's big bed blanket

Very special blanket to go on my daughters bed when she moves out of the cot. Aiming for 24 squares ( love that they are big squares)…. 6 down! ~ decided to make it a bit bigger to f.


Van De Maele Van De Maele Van De Maele Knepper & Hanshew Hanshew Elkins Schlosser - If either of you are inclined to make me a quilt . Positively the most beautiful quilt I have ever seen! GORGEOUS stain glass look!