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ainu clothes bandanna basket black legwear blanket blush breasts checkered blanket commentary request day feet folded ponytail grass headband kamoi (kantai collection) kantai collection kyon (fuuran) large breasts lips long hair long sleeves looking

fate/zero gif Motherfucking Matou Shinji www.tumblr.com500 × 240Search by image How The Tumblr Holy Grail war will end (at this rate)

Arturia Pendragon, also known as Saber in the Holy Grail Wars, is a servant that fulfills the duti

O maior erro que você pode cometer, é o de ficar o tempo todo com medo de cometer algum.

This is Sachi Osaki she is 16 but her last day at school was horrible,she got mad and shot a boy with Electric powers she never new she had. She is nice and try's not to get mad, but don't get her mad.