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How to make a TRIP-WIRE ALARM | Cars Motors

How to make a TRIP-WIRE ALARM - Hi, there, my dear friends, in this video I will show you an interesting idea how to make a strike-ball trip wire from the clothes pe

The Best Homemade Air Gun On YouTube

I was shootiong paintballs and rocks at only 15 psi my air gun can go up to 80 psi but at that preassure the paintballs explode before they come out of the b.

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The living room’s Tanya Ling painting is a recent addition to the family’s art collection. Amanda Brooks Invites Us Inside Her Dreamy English Country Home Photos

dquad (diy quadcopter) which can be built for less than $18 complete

Sorry for the 1990 video quality :/ Materials , for the full guide and instructions on the link at the end.