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the door is decorated with many different colored key shapes and numbers on it's sides
Ana Okulu Dunyam
Sihirli sözcükler- Özden-#çocuksanatetkinlikleri #okulöncesisanat #Özden #pre-schoolpicture #preschoolart #Sihirli #sözcükler
a bulletin board that has been decorated with paper hearts and words on it, along with a clock in the center
four hearts with flowers in the middle and one on each side, coloring pages for valentine's day
an open book is on display in front of a sign that says usve - hasene
there are camels and roses on the wall in this room with arabic writing above them
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there is a red table with pictures on the wall behind it and a sign that says biz seni gormendensevlik
there is a banner hanging from the ceiling with red flowers on it and stars in the air
a bulletin board with rain and stars on it
Kutlu Doğum haftası panosu
there are many cards with roses on them
four different languages are shown in the same language
Kutlu Doğum etkinlikleri
four roses with leaves on the top and one flower in the middle, coloring pages
green envelopes with red paper roses attached to the front and back of each package
Miraç kandiliniz mübarek olsun. Kandil kartlarımız..
a tiara and ribbon sitting on top of a table
a red crown sitting on top of a table
Kuran tacı