Newborn baby girl sleeping on cloud with rainbow. Rainbow baby. Precious Baby Photography, Fort Wayne, Indiana. scene

New Ideas For New Born Baby Photography : Newborn baby girl sleeping on cloud with rainbow.

Mom says I am as beautiful as a bouquet of roses

You& Never Guess the Simple Household Items Used to Create These Amazing Baby Photos

Nothing lasts forever even cold November rain

Stephanie Er aka creates lovely and imaginative scenes featuring her baby girl Chi Ara surrounded by everyday objects that assemble dreamlike scenes.

For Liana

:-) Laying everything down on a pale blue blanket and using simple items like…

Lukapu'dan bebek fotoğrafları için güzel fikirler #lukapu

This is one of the Finnish mothesrAdele when her little baby daughter Mila sleep, with clothes, towel ah these home prop to Mila gave many stories scene position cameras.