Embroidery stitch how to

Sarah Whittle - Contemporary Embroidery Artist: Raised Chain Stitch - Embroidery, crochet, etc.

wow. what beautiful drawn-thread needlework!

Beautiful drawn-thread needlework - Memories of my grandmother

Embroidery stitches

A wheel stitch visual (don't know the actual name of this stitch)

bordado -# embroidery #stitches #@Af's 23/4/13

Stitch / knot / Weave File under: Things I Like But Will Never Have Time Or Patience For

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Better way to embroider leaves than the one I came up with!

haft hardanger

haft hardanger na Stylowi.

Good step-by-step pictures of embroidery stitches

rocksea&sarah - Some of the clearest feather stitch instructions I have ever seen!

dif.ptos. de bordado

The embroidered Act _ embroidered Law pictures to share - heap Sugar Network


koronka rumuńska / sposób / jak to się robi / Couching stitch variations

reticello antico

reticello antico by gabrielle


Hardanger and drawn thread

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White work and needle weaving

RockSea & Sarah bordado

Very nice stitch

Needle weaving

I have become quite interested in Cilaos style of embroidery

Europe - Italy/Venice, reticello

Europe - Italy/Venice, reticello This is beautiful