Crochet Mini Backpack Purse

Crochet Mini Backpack Purse

Crochet Mini Backpack Purse - Yarnandhooks has video these as they make great keychain trinkets.


Çanta kanca için kollar... <3 Deniz <3



Ripple stitch + broomstick lace (sort of), very nice for shawls, etc.: photo from a Russian site; and here is a Turkish video that provides good demo instruction even if you don

Lovely, lively, leave it at my house please!

I'm searching for the granny square blanket layouts, like how the colours are broken up with simple white squares

Way cool Granny Blanket idea. Im working this one in pink, black, white and grey.

This is sort of what I am going to do with all the different size squares I have crochetted up already :) I love the multiple yarn color idea here !

Вязание крючком

Harika Tığ İşi Tekniği ve Yapılışı

Woven Baby blanket on Mesh Ground pattern by Pia Lindén. Once you go to pattern, scroll down UNDER the Swedish instructions to locate the English instructions :)