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Free tatting PATTERNS -great site :)

Free tatting patterns-great site :) [Aero Tatting shuttle with removeable bobbin, hook one end, other end holds bobbin while winding thread on it - a choice - NB]

Purple Needle Tatted Necklace Set

Yarnplayer's: Purple tatted set by Marilee Rockley

Комплекты украшений ручной работы. Ярмарка Мастеров - ручная работа Колье и серьги в технике фриволите "Индиго". Handmade.

Beautiful tatted necklace and earrings in deep blue with pearl drop accents.

free-standing tatting designs

Tatting 72 - Snowflake Tatting Designs by Murphy's Designs

Attaching Tatting to Hanky

Attaching Tatting to Hanky. This would look great in Sulky Petite Blendables!

Patterns Free Bead Tatting | Yarnplayers Tatting Blog: How I spent my weekend

Looking for crocheting project inspiration? Check out Blue tatted necklace and earrings by member Marilee Rockley.

Tatting chains

Needle Tatting chains and cute ideas

Tatting flowers

Singtatter's Corner: March 2009 Inspiration for crochet.

I Love tatting........

Chiacchierino - Susy Roma - Álbuns da web do Picasa

Attaching Tatting

making a tatting hemline trim Attaching Tatting to Hanky

Free Pattern

"Carnival" earrings i i'm thinking these might be tatted - not sure if it's crochet tatting or regulare

Patterns Free Bead Tatting | several nice free tatting patterns

Needle Tatting for Absolute Beginner

Havlu kenarı

Havlu kenarı

Lovely flower pattern

I made yards and yards of this very pattern while in college and used it on a dress I made for SCA events.

スカーフ カッパドキア地区 メキッキボンジュックオヤ (ビーズ縁取り)

スカーフ カッパドキア地区 メキッキボンジュックオヤ (ビーズ縁取り)