toerning:  I really try to keep my comments short here so I’ve just written and deleted, like, 20 paragraphs. Basically this is the main character of a story I am not skilled enough to write, but it’s basically what happens after the big final showdown.  She’s an amalgamation of all the Chosen Ones of recent YA literature, and the story is just her, like, coping with the fact that her entire life leading up till now has been about carrying out her destiny, beating the big baddie and ...

Every once in a while, she just breaks down, sometimes for no reason. She always makes sure that no one is around and the only one who can see her is her father, who shines down on her through the window.<< Gorgeous description, and beautiful drawing.

A study in women's casual by Spectrum-VII

A study in women's casual by Spectrum-VII on deviantART female shirts button down solid shading short long sleeve folds poses

students works

students works


Firefighter Illustration by Paul Combs - Illustration and Limited Edition Fire and Rescue Artwork created by Paul Combs

human basic figure

How to Draw Basic Human Figures (with Pictures) - wikiHow - Every time I draw a human, it looks wonky. The torso never matches the legs!