Granny Square

Crocheted Granny Square Blanket that was part of a charity auction held by Handmade Europe. The white pops the colors. 9 small squares equal one large to make this blanket exceptional. Note how the small squares take their colors from the large.

Free Crochet Butterfly Pattern

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Motifs ... Imagination turns them to anything you want them to be. From a humble dishcloth to a magnificent blanket to a delicate thread vest. Let the creativity flow ...

Granny squares patterns by Dana Beach. I don't need any granny patterns right now but how pretty!

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Baby Knitted Vest (flat): From back to front, practically 1 piece. Fronts can be knitted simultaneously if you attach a yarn ball at the shoulder on the ret

Last-Minute Granny Square Gifts - 6 Charming Projects to Make from 1 or 2 Squares

Last-Minute Granny Square Gifts: 6 Charming Projects Made from 1 or 2 Granny Squares

I was hard at work on an everlasting blanket of colorful crocheted granny squares when I realized I barely had enough for a crib-size baby blanket. I couldn’t bear the thought of making …