Faina Letoutchala's Forest Path stole.

Forest Path Stole pattern by Faina Letoutchaia

Russian Lace - Lada4 - Álbumes web de Picasa

Russian Lace - - Álbumes web de "liberated" a lot of lace books here and many are quite rare too!


Cutwork Embroidery Table Overlay Edging - vše o vyšívání

Cutwork Embroidery • this design was on a pair of pillow slips that my Grandma had.

SKU 10503 Dove Cutwork Lace Embroidery Design - A dove cutwork lace embroidery design. Can be used for cutwork decorations in your embroidery projects - e.

Bow cutwork lace machine embroidery design

This set of 2 cutwork lace machine embroidery designs includes a Snowdrops cutwork lace embroidery design and a Bow cutwork lace machine embroidery. The 2 cutwork lace embroideries can be used in different machine embroidery projects.