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a drawing of a woman holding a rose with the words you have the right to wthdraw content on it
You have the right to withdraw consent at anytime..its your body,if at anytime you do not want what is happening to it then you say no.You do not owe sex to anyone
a woman wearing a yellow headband standing in front of a palm tree with the words your feelings are valid on it
Mental health quotes
The Sprouting Sunflower on Instagram: “No matter what you’re going through today just know that your emotions are valid and they deserve attention. If something is bothering you…” recipes for self love, Words of wisdom, you matter, self care, self love , personal growth, women empowerment
two hands holding each other with the words progress is when weforve ourselves to take so long to treat love bodies like a home
Taking care of our physical health is more than a hobby or a desire to look good. Life is truly our first and greatest gift.
a woman holding her hand up to her face with the words self love is revolution
there is no one i need to change for except myself by the late sixties
By womenincomics: Do it for you Art by thelatestkate #comics #womenincomics