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This narrow living space actually has GOOD Feng Shui. All five elements are present and in balance, and the furniture is arranged to make easy. It may have more than you like, but the is good and lively Feng Shui! Living Room Decor, Living Spaces, Living Rooms, Cool Rooms, Home Interior Design, Home Projects, Furniture Design, Feng Shui, Conversation

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This is a lovely Feng Shui living room. All five elements are present in a soft and subtle #fashion. However, I would add a touch more #FIRE to the environment to increase the prospects for #romance and #fun!

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This ‪‎room‬ reflects BALANCED Feng Shui. The table is ‪‎FIRE‬, the pillows and yellow ‪‎artwork‬ are the ‪EARTH‬ element, the deep purple pillows and black glass on the ‪#‎table‬ and around the frame represent the ‪‎WATER‬ element, the books, book case and table by the window are of the ‪‎WOOD‬ element and the gray ‪‎sofa‬, legs and lamp represent the ‪‎METAL‬ element. Equally important, the room is not cluttered and the furniture placement allows people and ‪‎energy‬ to flow effortlessly.