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EXO :3

EXO fanart kai d.o tao sehun suho kris lay baekhyun chanyeol luhan chen xiumin art makes them look like harvest moon characters!

Chanyeol & D.O.

Chanyeol's finally caught the elusive Kyungsoo. At first I thought they were hugging but then realized that they are basically sharing the shirt. These dorks lol<--Chanyeol's face omg lol

Baekhyun, The lead rapper. xd hahaha

This is what happens to Baek when he has all the attention xD EXO showtime ep 9

Kai (EXO) spinning.  Wow!

Why is it that i feel like joining a dance class every time i see him dance?>>I KNOW, I FEEL YOU.


Poor Kyungsoo they are crowding him he looks like a little kid being surrounded by older kids