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"Your love is like a bird singing the sweetest song to me, wishing that love could last forever.

Tutorial: GrannySquare African Flower and Invisible Knot

Tutorial: GrannySquare African Flower and Invisible Knot, made with emb. thread, nice for coasters

I uploaded new artwork to plout-gallery.artistwebsites.com! - 'Birdcage With Cherry Blossoms-jp2612' - http://plout-gallery.artistwebsites.com/featured/birdcage-with-cherry-blossoms-jp2612-jean-plout.html

Hand painted cherry blossoms and birds by Jean Plout. Beautiful Chinese Cherry Blossoms with vintage birdcage, pretty little finches flying about and within.

Елена Пряхина

40 Mexican Tile Stair Riser Mix * Visit the image link more details.

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This is uploaded from a save on my computer (old school pinning!) if you know where credit belongs ~ please let me know and i will credit! by hattie