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a white cat sitting on top of a piece of fabric
Textile Landschaften - Der kleine Kater
a blue area rug sitting on the floor next to a door with an open window
Matta #cerealboxesredone
a bed with a quilt on top of it in a bedroom next to a night stand
65 #Trendy #ideas #sewing #projects #blankets #flannels # #sewing - Nähprojekte
65 #Trendy #ideas #sewing #projects #blankets #flannels # #sewing
two pieces of black and white fabric on the wall
Nähen und mehr…
Nähzimmerplaudereien | Nähen und mehr…
Quilt-Aufhängung Quilt Tutorials, Quilt Binding, Quilt Bedding, Sewing Hacks, Patchwork Quilts
Patchwork und Quilts - Anleitung Quilt-Aufhängung
a colorful quilt with many different shapes and sizes on the front, including hexagonals
Jaybird Quilts
Jaybird Quilts
an info sheet showing how to make origami flowers with different shapes and sizes
English Paper Piecing Anleitung Passionsblume Tutorial Passion Flower
a quilted table top with many colorful stars on it
SewDown aka SnowDown...
Jaybird Quilts: SewDown aka SnowDown...
a square quilt pattern that has been cut into squares
Crazy Quilt Patterns
Crazy Quilt Free Template Patterns | Flying Swallows.
a multicolored quilt is sitting on top of a fireplace
Inspiration + Resources
Boxed In Quilt
four pieces of fabric are arranged in triangle shapes on a white surface with yellow and black dots
BERNINA Triangle QAL - Block 6
Block 6 of Bernina Triangle Quilt Along, using FRAGILE fabrics by Zen Chic
a book cover with an image of a star quilt on it's side and the words, nova written in black
Jaybird Quilts
Jaybird Quilts