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Hearts Away. [Sherlock Holmes]

Frankie Hamilton y Sherlock Holmes son dos seres de personalidades "similares" que pertenecen al Reino Unido. Se terminan encontrando en Londres, Inglaterra gr...

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Run Away

Hi, this is Metamorcy. You may know me from Livejournal, Archive of Our Own, or The background image was done by pixiv. ID: 3978643 If you're looking updates on my fanfictions, whether...

This image made me think-- John never minds being scrutinized by Sherlock. Sherlock seems to enjoy this. They are just so comfortable with each other, and so uncomfortable with just about everyone else.<- Nice way to look at it :) Sherlock Bbc, Watson Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock, Sherlock Fandom, Sherlock Bored, Jim Moriarty, Sherlock Quotes, Martin Freeman, Mrs Hudson

BBC Sherlock Fan Forum - Serving Sherlockians since February 2012 » Finally: The Sherlock/John picture thread

John and Sherlock Gay | BBC Sherlock - Fan Forum / Finally: The Sherlock/John picture thread

I AM █ █ █ █ LOCKED Everything is Sherlock and nothing hurts. Sherlock Series, Sherlock Fandom, Sherlock John, Sherlock Cumberbatch, Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock, Martin Freeman, Disney Pixar, Dr Watson, Mrs Hudson


I AM █ █ █ █ LOCKED Everything is Sherlock and nothing hurts. (Beside Reichenbach, that does hurt.)

Wow, he's neck deep in The Study In Pink if he's making that mouth movement. wait -hold on when is he not making an obnoxious facial expression? Sherlock Holmes Bbc, Sherlock Holmes Benedict Cumberbatch, Watson Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock, Sherlock Kiss, Sherlock Quotes, Sherlock John, Johnlock, James Moriarty

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Sherlock The Great Game. – I have this obsession with the way men hold their hands when tense… Sherlock Bbc, Benedict Sherlock, Jim Moriarty, Quotes Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes Benedict Cumberbatch, Sherlock Fandom, John Watson, Johnlock, Andrew Scott

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¿Eres Fan de Benedict Cumberbatch? ¿si? bien, en ese caso entra. Aqui encontraras: Imagenes, Gifs, Videos, Datos curiosos y Fanarts. ¿Quieres leer otra cosa de...

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John: “*% Sherlock, she loves you.” Sherlock: “Yes, like I said, human error. Sherlock Cumberbatch, Sherlock Fandom, Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock, Sherlock John, His Last Vow, Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes, Dr Watson, Benedict And Martin, Bbc Tv Series

Sherlock Fandom

Hey Sherlockian! Come at once if convenient, if inconvenient come anyway // If you're a sad Holmie and need to talk about something text me. I'll be there for you! Skype: oojay98oo // Living in 221b...